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Saturday, May 10, 2014

OAK PARK Crime Blotter

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 2:30pm. .

2:40pm - Beat 5170 has a traffic stop at 1112 (7112) W Madison.

2:45pm - OPFD run. 834 W Lake. At the library. 55 year old man needs to be transported to a mental facility.

3:39pm - Alarm. 17 W LeMoyne. Fire alarm at this vacant house has been sounding for days.

3:44pm - Traffic accident. 20 W Madison. Altercation on scene.

3:52pm - Beat 5150 needs some more cars at the 3:44pm job. They've got a fight on scene.

3:53pm - This is turning into a full-fledged brawl. Units are needed ASAP. Multiple units en route.

3:55pm - A slow down is being given per Beat 5120. There's a large crowd on scene, units can still come over to help quell things.

4:01pm - Disturbance. 722 W Lake. At the Fuego Logo restaurant. Couple of males in front trying to fight people, they fled in a blue Chevy headed towards Euclid.
4:28pm - OPFD run. Superior and Cuyler. Man down over the steering wheel of his car.

4:31pm - Beat 5703 has a pedestrian struck at Oak Park and North Blvd. EMS is needed.

4:48pm - Beat 5180 has a traffic stop at 428 W Madison.

4:57pm - Attempted theft. 1000 block of S Lombard. Group of eight to 10 kids just tried to steal the caller's bike, they threatened to stab the caller. One is a male Black, 12 years old, 5'3, with a white tanktop and blue jeans. They fled towards Garfield on Lombard.

5:16pm - Beat 5183 has a traffic stop at Washington and Elmwood.

5:20pm - Fire. Oak Park Hospital. At the main entrance, in the grass.

5:23pm - OPFD. Somewhere in Oak Park. 64 year old lost "healing" in his leg.

5:31pm - Traffic accident. Marion and Lake. Parked car open its door and the caller, on their bike, went over the door. EMS was refused.

5:44pm - They've got some evidence left over from the 4:57pm job. OPPD is looking into now.

6:19pm - Theft. 9XX N Taylor. Two male Blacks, one with a gray tanktop and jeans and the second one with a navy blue long-sleeved shirt. They're both in their mid to late teens. Last seen north on Taylor, then east on Berkshire towards Humphrey. A cell phone was stolen and it was done at knife point.

6:20pm - Parking complaint. 327 South Blvd.

6:59pm - Lost property. 800 W Madison. At the Chase Bank. Caller lost their wallet.

7:16pm - Motorist assist. 1122 W Madison. Caller needs help getting into the parking lot with their vehicle.



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