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Friday, May 9, 2014

EVANSTON Crime Blotter

Good evening, everyone, it's 8:52pm. I know I made a post a little while ago, but I've decided to do something a bit special. I know Evanston is a northern suburb, but as of tonight, I've decided to start a project where I will periodically monitor some of the immediate suburbs surrounding Chicago (Evanston, Skokie, Lincolnwood, Norridge, Harwood Heights, Elmwood Park, Oak Park and Cicero). This project will not occur often, but it will be at least every month or twice a month, depending on how busy I get this summer. I'm doing this so we can get a feel of what's going on just outside of Chicago. Tonight, I'm beginning with Evanston, which is just north of Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood on the Far North Side. Evanston is an interesting area, to say the least, because it's considered a city and it has some very interesting areas. The downtown area and the east side of Evanston can be considered to be safe, while there are rough areas in southwestern and western Evanston. Honestly, I'm not really sure how the southeast and the north side of town are. If anyone would like more information as into why I'm doing this, please do not hesitate to send me an email. Now that I'm out of school for a few weeks, I'll be able to update a lot more, and I will be less busier this summer. With that, here's crime in Evanston for this evening into the overnight hours.

8:53pm - Disturbance. Lake and Dewey. Male and female arguing on the street.

8:55pm - Shots Fired. 18XX Foster. One shot fired by a male Black, 5 foot with a white hoodie. He ran towards a house on the corner, near Darrow.

8:56pm - Unit 374 is talking to a citizen from the "Shots Fired" and says that a citizen said pretty much the same thing as the call said, expect that he also had on khaki pants. A shot was fired in the alley. 374 is asking if there's a name on the call.

8:57pm - Unit 381 says that they're talking to a couple of people at Dodge and Foster, who said there were a couple of shots fired off over there. Units 375 and 377 are headed over.

8:58pm - Unit 603 is saying that the offender from this is 18 and is slim build, according to a citizen. He also has dreads.

9:00pm - EFD run. 24XX Lyon. Something about the front yard, either a person laying unconscious or a fire. Not sure.

9:02pm - Loud party. 7XX Dobson.

9:04pm - Some kind of loud commotion call on the 2000 block of Darrow. This is near the shots fired from a few minutes ago.

9:07pm - Disturbance. 18XX Lyons. 20 teens hanging out, loitering and up to no good.

9:08pm - Sounds like they're breaking up on Lyons, per unit 377.

9:09pm - 381 is running a name.

9:10pm - 381's name is clear and valid.

9:15pm - 377 is running a name.

9:24pm - Flash from a man who assaulted a camera operator over at the Northwestern University softball field, 2729 Ashland: wanted is a male White, middle aged, slim build with brown hair and a black/white blanket with dots on it. Last seen headed north towards Isabella, into Wilmette.

9:27pm - There's an accident with no injuries, somewhere in Evanston. Couldn't make out the location, but I think it's on the east side of town.

9:29pm - Reckless driver. Central and Green Bay. Light blue newer model Mustang is going at a high rate of speed and is swerving, headed towards Eastwood on Central.

9:37pm - Parking complaint. Sherman and Washington.

9:39pm - Unit 323 is running a name.

9:42pm - Unit 175 is running a plate at 17XX Orrington.

9:51pm - 175's plate has something on it, but can't make out what Dispatch is saying.

9:59pm - Loud music. Somewhere on Dodge Ave.

10:05pm - Loud music. 6XX Hinman.

10:07pm - Unit 174 just rode by the 10:05pm call and told the people out there to turn down the music.

10:09pm - 174 has a traffic stop on Church just west of Dodge. Don't know he made it over that part of Evanston so quick.

10:10pm - Unit 179 has a traffic stop somewhere. This frequency is no good.

10:11pm - Unit 172 is getting a loud music assignment.

10:15pm - Criminal damage. 19XX Ashbury. Unknown item was just thrown through the caller's window.

10:17pm - Unit 177 has shots fired near Emerson and Darrow.

10:19pm - Unit 173 just talked to a citizen on Darrow who says they heard gunfire west of Darrow. This is south of Emerson.

10:20pm - Shots Fired. 18XX Hartrey. Male Black with dark clothing is involved with some gunfire.

10:21pm - 1) Now it's being said that three male Blacks are involved with what's happening on Hartrey. 2) Suspects just went into 1829 Hartrey. Six shots were fired.

10:31pm - There's no concrete information off of Hartrey, per unit 192.

10:45pm - They're calling again from the 9:02pm job.

10:51pm - Homeless person set something on fire. Sheridan and Lake.

10:52pm - 192 needs some units to help him clear Hartrey. Dispatch calls units 174, 177, 175, 176, 179 and 180.

10:56pm - Something's happening on the 1600 block of Dodge. Not sure what.

11:00pm - Loud party. Foster and Orrington. Southwest corner.

Saturday, May 10th
12:32am - 1) 177 has a traffic stop on the 300 block of Howard. 2) Unit 171 has a traffic stop on the 1400 block of Howard.

12:36am - Disturbance. 7XX Noyes. People being loud out front.

12:40am - Disturbance. 19XX Jackson. Group of 15 males being loud out front, looked like they were going to fight a few minutes ago but now they're being loud. Units 177 and 175 are assigned, and units 174 and 191 are going to come over to assist.

12:43am - 177 is giving everyone a disregard from the 12:40am job.

12:45am - 177 has shots fired south of his location.

12:49am - 173 just talked to a couple of citizens, and they're saying that the gunfire came off of Church from just west of Ashland. A car was also heard speeding off.

12:52am - Disturbance. 13XX Oak. Male and female fighting in the alley. Multiple calls.

12:56am - A disregard is being given on Oak.

12:59am - Disturbance. 21XX Church. Neighbors fighting.

1:00am - Loud party. 22XX Sherman.

1:05am - 172's running a name from somewhere.

1:06am - 172's name comes back clear.

1:09am - 173 is running two names.

1:12am - 175 is running a name.

1:13am - 175's name is clear and valid.

1:15am - A unit has a stop at Dodge and Church.

1:17am - Unit 178 has a traffic stop on Barton just south of Dobson.

1:31am - Disturbance. Park and Lincolnwood. North Shore cab #16's fare is refusing to pay.

1:35am - The 1:31am job is calling back. The guy fled south on Lincolnwood towards Hartzell.

1:36am - 174 has a stop at Dodge and Dempster.

1:37am - Traffic accident. Davis and Benson. No injuries.

1:40am - Traffic accident. 1117 Howard. At the McDonald's parking lot. Caller's car was struck by another vehicle and now there's an argument.

1:43am - Wanted from the 1:37am job is a 2007 sliver Dodge Crystler with an Illinois plate of H121714. It's a hit-and-run, and the driver was possibly drunk.

1:44am - EFD run. McDaniel and Thayer. Caller's friend overdosed.

1:58am - The 1:40am accident happened on Chicago's side of Howard.

1:59am - 175 is running a name.

2:00am - 175's name comes back suspended for something.

2:04am - Units on the south side of town are being advised that the 24th District in Chicago just put a man w/ a gun call out at 7074 N Ridge, which is on the southwest corner of Estes and Ridge, about five blocks from the Evanston-Chicago border.

2:17am - Shots Fired. 2000 block of Dodge. One shot heard in the area.

2:18am - 177 is giving a slow down on the 2:17am job. They were around the corner and didn't hear anything.

2:19am - Scratch that. 177 says they just heard one shot on that block.

2:21am - 177's walking the block with his partner. Units 192, 175 and 176 are in the area as well.

- Parker. Somewhere in Evanston.

2:50am  - 176 has a street stop at Elmwood and Davis. He's okay. Running a state I.D.

3:28am - Car alarm. 29XX Colfax.



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