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Friday, July 4, 2014

Fourth Of July Coverage

Good morning, everyone, and Happy 4th of July! It's 9:30am. Today, I will be monitoring most of the Zones for a few minutes at a time so you guys can get a feel throughout the city of what is happening with the 4th of July celebrations. I'll be starting with Zone 9 this morning, working my way north into Zone 8, then Zone 7, and so on. I hope everyone will be satisfied with this coverage, and I hope each and every single one of you remains safe this evening as you celebrate the holiday with your friends and loved ones. Remember not to drink while driving, play with fireworks if you do not have experience, and etc. But most of all, I hope everyone really enjoys their holiday. With that, here's crime this evening.

9:34am - A 5th District unit has a traffic stop at 4XX E 111th St.

9:49am - Fireworks. 8XX E 89th. 7 year old and 13 year old firing fireworks in front.

11:03am - 1) Beat 1662Adam has a street stop at 1549 W Howard St. Event number is 06310. 2) Beat car 2424 is doing a premise check at the Morse Red Line station.

11:12am - Fireworks. Brooks Park.

11:36am - Fly dumping at 50XX W Potomac.

11:37am - I'm going to go until later. I'll see you all later. Have a good start to your afternoon, everyone!

6:39pm - I'm back. Good afternoon, everyone.

6:40pm - Battery in progress. 47XX N Kedvale. Two males fighting in front.

6:53pm - EMS run. 2451 W Touhy. At the nursing home.

7:05pm - Beat car 2422 is on a gang suppression mission on the Beat this evening, and cannot leave the Beat.

7:12pm - Beat 1800XRay says that there are 50 kids headed towards Fairbanks on Chicago Ave. Apparently it’s a flash mob.

7:15pm - Suspicious vehicle. 21XX N Sheffield.

7:25pm - Gang disturbance. 1800 S Wood. Alley is full of gangbangers.

7:27pm - Beat 1400XRay is telling Dispatch to code out all fireworks complaints that do not have a caller's name on them.

7:29pm - Disturbance. Maypole and Wolcott. Twenty people in the alley.

7:35pm - Two things on 932’s Beat.

7:41pm - Assault in progress. 13XX S Fairfield. Someone tried to run over the caller’s son in a car and now a crowd is trying to fight the caller.

7:47pm - A 10th District unit has a traffic stop at Kedzie and 26th. Event number of 14627.

7:51pm - Beat 762David has a traffic stop at 69th and Loomis.

7:54pm - Battery in progress. 71XX S May. Seven people fighting in front.

7:57pm - Fire. 5500 S Rockwell. By the high school. Garbage can.

8:16pm - Battery in progress. 80XX S Ingleside. Large fight.

8:17pm - Beat 662David has a street stop at 8XX E 87th Pl.

9:14pm - Shots Fired. 11XX W 18th St.

10:14pm - Fireworks. 1100 block of W 11th St.

10:23pm - Person w/ a gun. 12XX N Maplewood. Male Black with no shirt and shorts is waving a gun in the alley.

10:34pm - Disturbance. 1900 block of S Loomis.

10:40pm - Fireworks. 900 block of N Honore.

10:43pm - 1) Battery report. Norweigan Hospital. 2) Disturbance. 10XX N Ashland. 3) Traffic accident. 2400 W Washington. 4) Traffic accident. Racine and Congress. 5) Municipal ordinance violation. 1500 block of W 18th St. Block party was supposed to be over at 10pm but is still going.

10:47pm - 1) Fireworks. 1700 block of W Beach. 2) Fireworks. 15th and Emerald. 3) Battery report. St. Mary’s Hospital.

10:50pm - Fireworks. 9XX S May.

10:51pm - Shots Fired. 21XX W 19th St. Two male Hispanics shooting off guns in front.

10:58pm - 1) Municipal ordinance violation. 1900 block of S Loomis. People playing soccer in the street. 2) Fireworks. 10XX W Polk.

11:01pm - Fire. 2450 W Rice. At the Cophin school. Large fire in the school yard.

11:03pm - 1) Narcotics. 29XX W Augusta. Cocaine and blows being sold. 2) Fireworks. 900 block of N Mozart.

11:14pm - 1) Fireworks. 14XX W Ohio. 2) Fireworks. XX N Morgan.

11:24pm - Disturbance. 55XX W Higgins. Group of teens on the roof disturbing the caller’s peace.

11:40pm - Traffic accident. 5356 N Milwaukee Ave. Hit-and-run.

11:43pm - Fire. 55XX W Grace.

11:46pm - 1) Fire. Mayfair Park. Garbage can. 2) Loud music disturbance. 57XX N Marmora.

11:56pm - Fireworks. 33XX N Karlov.

12:00am - I'm going to go for the night. I'll be back tomorrow or next week. Have a good night, everyone!



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