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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bud Billiken Parade Coverage

Good morning, everyone, it's 6:54am. .

6:59am - Cars on and near King Drive between 35th and 56th are to be towed.

7:16am - Cars that are being towed are being towed to the pound at 103rd and Doty Rd.

7:27am - Beat 207 is saying that one of the platoons must be missing an officer because there's an extra officer in the 2nd District station, waiting for their assignment.

8:12am - The official event number for the parade is 04755. CPD is also using a special event number of 122-150.

9:13am - Just as a reminder, but there are to be no cars parked on the service driver of King Drive.

9:14am - Beat 260 is assigned a car to keep an eye out on a parade float at King Drive and Garfield (55th).

9:23am - Beat 279 has a lost City I.D, wants to know if anyone called any in. Dispatch says negative. 279 says that if the person who lost this I.D. doesn't come to calm it, it needs to be taken back to the police and this time, DCFS.

9:30am - Beat 202, 2nd District Desk, is requesting curtosey parking on the 4700 block of S Calument, especially since there's a city lot over there. 202 is saying that these officers need to arrive at the back door of the station.

9:32am - Squads 1 to 4 are being advised that NO cars can be parked in the grassy area, per 207.

9:50am - Off-duty P.O. needs assistance at Oakwood and Langley who's holding a male.

10:39am - Beat 207Adam has a group of people trying to jump on a float at King Drive and 48th.

10:56am - Beat 207Boy has an elderly female in distress over at 4101 S King Drive. She just got out of the hospital and is sweating profusely. EMS is needed.

11:00am to 12:30pm - There was not much at all going on. At most, there were EMS requests along with children going missing. Provided we are still all here last year, I will definitely cover this time period.

12:30pm to 12:43pm - A couple of skirmishes started to occur along King Drive, mainly between 48th and 45th-ish. Group of 20 to about 50 kids on the street hanging out and gathering on the crowds.

12:44pm - We've got another fight. 50th inner king drive. About 50 to 75 people involved.

12:45pm - The crowd at 43rd calumet has dispersed.

12:46pm - Bunch of kids running down the 4500 block of S King Drive.

12:47pm - Another small crowd .

12:48pm - Man not breathing well at 3993 S King Drive.



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