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Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday 2013

Good morning, everyone, and a happy Black Friday to all. It's 9:40am. I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season with their loved ones and not going too crazy with the sales at the malls. I was originally going to monitor this morning from 4am to about 7am, but I had fallen asleep. I do apologize for that. On this Black Friday, I will start my monitoring with Zone 2, from now until 9:50. Followed by that will be Zone 1, then Zone 8. Zones 6, 9, 12, 3, 7, 11, 13 and 10 will follow after, all in ten minute sequences until 11:30. I did monitor Zone 4 just a little bit ago, but heard nothing. At 5pm, I will be returning to monitor the Zones in ten minute sequences until 7:00. With that, here's crime on this Black Friday.

9:44am - Beat 1962 is reporting that Beat 1962Eddie will be taking in a few prisoners from a protest that happened at the Walmart on Broadway. I think it's the one at 3636 N Broadway. That or the one at 2844.

9:55am - Traffic accident. 60XX W Dakin.

10:01am - Beat 695 gets an accident on the PDT.

10:02am - Person down. 79th and Ridgeland. 60 year old man down on the corner.

10:30am - Battery report. 12XX N Harding. Caller was hurt last night at a party.

10:48am - Battery report. Rush Hospital.

10:55am - Beat car 313 has a traffic stop at 6200 S Michigan.

11:02am - Beat 2445 is relieving Beat 2452 on a post at Leone Beach.

11:03am - Beat 2461Eddie needs a cage car at 16XX W North Shore. Beat car 2431 is headed over.

11:06am - Burglar alarm. On 2411's Beat.

11:30am - I'm going to go until 5. I'll be back then. Have a good afternoon, everyone!

5:00pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

5:03pm - Assault. 87XX W Summerdale. Neighbor threatened the caller with a dog.

5:23pm - Disturbance. Michigan and Superior. Bucket boys on the corner, harassing pedestrians.

5:32pm - Beat 406Boy has some kind of foot chase situation at 82nd and Manistee. Two males fled from 406B south on Manistee towards 83rd. There's some mention of a car being set up.

5:35pm - There's a perimeter being set up around Manistee and 83rd.

5:44pm - Animal abuse. 69XX S Lafflin. Dog left in the basement tied up.

5:47pm - Person w/ a gun. 71st and Western. Male Black with a black jacket has a gun on his side, loitering around the restaurant.

5:49pm - A slow down is being given per Beat 858, the assigned unit, on the 5:47pm job.

5:50pm - Arson report. On 512's Beat.

5:53pm - Beat 4208 would like Beat 4208Boy to meet him at State and 108th. 4208B is on a traffic stop at 110th and Princeton, so 4208 will just meet them there.

5:57pm - 1) Beat 4206Boy has a street stop at Halsted and 115th. 2) Beat 4257Boy has a traffic stop at 700 W 119th St.

6:04pm - Beat car 2522 gets a gang-related criminal damage assignment on their Beat on their PDT.

6:08pm - Beat car 1524 gets two assignments on their Beat on their PDT.

6:13pm - Disturbance. Iowa and Campbell. Male and female on the corner bothering people.

6:14pm - Criminal trespass. 2108 W Division. At the bar. Male Black, heavy set, with a black coat is in the bathroom. He's been told not to come back to this location after a prior incident. He's also harassing customers.

6:17pm - Suspicious vehicle. 9XX S Bell. Males in a vehicle in front, they're also throwing beer bottles out of it.

6:18pm - A slow down is being given on the 6:14pm job. He's gone. He fled north on Hoyne towards Crystal.

6:27pm - Beat 4150Tom has a traffic stop at Maryland and 67th.

6:28pm - Beat 4217 has a street stop at 75th and Exchange.

6:29pm - Beat 4150Lincoln has a street stop at 615 E 63rd St.

6:32pm - 1) Disturbance. 7138 N Sheridan. Female causing a problem at the gas station. 2) Loud music disturbance. 13XX W Estes.

6:33pm - Vice complaint. On 2413's Beat.

6:34pm - Criminal trespass. 9XX W Argyle. Couple of males sleeping in the vestibule of the building.

6:40pm - Beat 2405 has a street stop at 1606 W Howard.

6:49pm - Foot chase. Foot chase. 4000 block of S Artesian. Male Hispanic with no shirt is running south towards 41st.

6:50pm - Assault report. 34XX W Grenshaw.

6:51pm - A unit has a street stop in the alley at 8XX N Hamlin.

6:52pm - Person w/ a gun. Karlov and Augusta. Male pointed a gun at the caller.

6:55pm - Battery in progress. Walnut and Homan. Man tried to rob the store and was stopped, but now he's beating up the owner.

6:59pm - Beat 4350Frank has a street stop at Washtenaw and Harrison.

7:00pm - 1) Narcotics. On 1131's Beat. 2) I'm going to go. For tonight, at least. I hope to be back tomorrow. We'll see. Have a good night, everyone!



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